Welcome to the The Max Mannheimer Study Center

The Max Mannheimer Study Center is an extra-school educational institution that aims to enable, first and foremost, young people from throughout the world to take a more in-depth look at contemporary history. The educational services include single or multiple study day courses for school classes, youth association groups, students, and other interested groups.

Single Day Program

We offer a program that has proven very successful for groups who wish to spend just one day in the Max Mannheimer Study Center. The program begins at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Lunch is provided at the guest house.

Multiple Day Programs

The Max Mannheimer Study Center offers single or multiple day study courses for school classes, youth association groups, students, and any other interested persons. Focus is placed on examining and discussing the National Socialist period in general, with special reference given to the history of the Dachau concentration camp.

Advanced Education

This program addresses the needs foremost of (soon-to-be) teachers and multipliers active in historical and political civic education.

Latest News:

Appeal Letter for Donations

Appeal Letter for Donations launched by the Aid network for the survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine The current war in Ukraine has left many people in great need. Among those suffering are also the survivors of National Socialist persecution. They need our help...

A new project: Who were the victims of the National Socialists?

The aim of our new project is to enable young people to gain a deeper understanding of the roots of discrimination in the present. They will gain this understanding by exploring the key question, "Who were the victims of the Nazis?". To achieve this, we will be...

Obituary for Bernard Marks

“Wishing you a very happy holiday and a great New Year 2019. Cheers Bernie.” Upon receiving Season’s Greetings from Bernard Marks we had little inkling that these would be the last words we would share. Just a few days later, on December 28 2018, Bernard died....

Max Mannheimer (1920-2016)

Max Mannheimer (1920-2016) was a survivor of the Shoah. From 1990 he was president of the association of Dachau camp survivors and from 1995 vice president of the international Dachau committee. He worked as a businessman, author and painter.