The aim of our new project is to enable young people to gain a deeper understanding of the roots of discrimination in the present. They will gain this understanding by exploring the key question, “Who were the victims of the Nazis?”. To achieve this, we will be working with EuroClio to design, develop and test local youth-oriented history projects in six countries. Because the best chance to realise a future that lives up to the promise of democracy and human rights is education.
EuroClio’s mission is to inspire and empower educators to engage learners in innovative and responsible teaching of history and civics. EuroClio’s vision is that all learners will become more responsible and engaged citizens through engaging in history and civic education for mutual understanding and peace.
In developing the project, we will consult representatives and members of the Jewish community, the LGBTIQ community, Roma, Sinti and Travellers, and people with disabilities on the design of the toolkit and seek advice from academics who specialise in the history of these groups during the Nazi period. For each of these groups there will be a councillor representing that group.
The project is funded under the NS Injustice Education Agenda, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BNF) and the Foundation EVZ – Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, which was launched in response to the worrying increase in anti-Semitism, antiziganism, racism and LGBTIQ hostility.
The next steps will be to work with the project advisors and partners on staffing the project. Once we are done with that, we will bring all team members together for a working meeting early next year at the Max Mannheimer Study Centre in Dachau.
Are you interested in this new EuroClio project or do you think you can help us achieve the project outcomes? Please send an email to