Multiple Day Programs

The Max Mannheimer Study Center offers programs of two days (or more) for groups wishing to intensively study the history of the Dachau concentration camp and the National Socialist period. Here, too, the groups are limited to 15 participants (larger groups are appropriately divided) and guided by experienced educators. The contents of the program are adapted to fit the time available as well as the interests, knowledge level, and experience of the participants.

The multiple day study programs build on the concept of the single day programs, but offer the participants far greater opportunities for an in-depth study of and reflection on history and its legacy. To begin, the group works on study units preparing them for a visit to the Memorial Site. Here the group expectations will be discussed and the specific thematic subjects studied. The didactic methods employed are adapted to fit the needs and existing knowledge of the participants. These units are followed by a guided tour – structured to foster interaction and participation – of the Dachau Memorial Site and a concluding evaluation. As a rule, a second, more in-depth visit to the Memorial Site takes place, focused on a program element explicitly wished for by a number of participants. Additional material for work groups covering a variety of themes round off the program, for example: biographies of prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp, art as a survival strategy, or on the everyday life of the prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp. If possible, for longer programs we attempt to organize a talk with a contemporary witness.