History in Dialogue – an Israeli-German Exchange on Education


In the project “History in Dialogue,” the Center for Humanistic Education in Akko/Israel, the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial Site, and the Max Mannheimer Study Center are working together to develop methodology modules that facilitate an open, communicative, and diverse practice of presenting and teaching history. The cooperation began with a two-part expert meeting in Dachau/Flossenbürg and Akko/Israel in 2014/2015, during which the educational staff of all three institutions discussed the approaches and methods they use as well as the challenges they face in their everyday work. Proving to be of great interest for all who took part, these discussions then acted as a platform for a project that has set itself the goal to conceptualize method modules for dialogue-based, on-site education work on the history of the Dachau and Flossenbürg concentration camps at both memorial sites. The existing approaches were critically reviewed as to both their objectives as well as their potential for creating the necessary space for discussion, an important aspect considering the complex diversity of the groups who make use of the available education programs. Key here was to further develop the methods through an intensive examination and discussion of concrete teaching situations. The next step (end of 2017/2018) includes the freelance personnel, who can contribute to the overall process the expertise gained from their everyday interaction with groups. This shall also give them the opportunity to reflect on their work and try out new formats for moderating communication processes, providing the participants in tours and seminars with the space to develop their own questions and positions on the history of National Socialism and its repercussions. The project is financed by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Nina Ritz

Education Director

E-Mail: ritz@mmsz-dachau.de
Telefon: 08131/6177-12

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