Information on registering for the study programs

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What do you need to consider when registering?


The study programs can be booked after arranging the dates beforehand. For this purpose, we recommend that you first register using the contact form below. We will then try to find a suitable date in consultation with the youth hostel in Max Mannheimer House. Once this is done, the themes and subject of the program will be coordinated with the educational staff at the Max Mannheimer Study Center.


Who can take part?


Youth groups from the age of 15 or school groups who possess a basic knowledge of National Socialism. Students, multipliers, and interested adult groups are also very welcome. We do all that we can to ensure that a suitable program is put together for all groups.


How much do the Study Days cost?


The commitment to educate through historical-political seminars on important themes of contemporary history is anchored in the statutes of the Stiftung Jugendgästehaus Dachau. The Foundation’s representative agencies therefore subsidize the education services offered, meaning that participants do not have to pay for the education program. Only meals and/or overnight accommodation in the youth hostel of Max Mannheimer House has to be paid for.


When can the Study Days take place and how long do they last?


Study days can be for single or multiple days depending on the wishes of the group. We recommend 3 days in total (incl. arrival and departure). Study days can take place on weekdays or at weekends. For groups carrying out their own program, special thematic modules can be integrating into the schedule, but these may not be shorter than one day.


How many persons can take part in the Study Days?


The maximum number of persons for a group taking part in multiday programs should not exceed 90 (approximately three school classes). We divide all groups into smaller seminar groups of a maximum of 15 persons. The minimum number for a group is six.

Which languages are available?


The Study Days are held in German and English. Single-day events and individual program modules are available also in French and Polish – please do not hesitate to ask. We offer a special program in English for German-Israeli school groups.

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